A knitted beanie made from 100% extra fine Merino wool, extremely soft and non-itchy. Available in adult and children sizes for perfect style and comfort.

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The knitted beanie is made from 100% extra-fine Merino wool with a cable-knit pattern. Merino wool is soft to the touch, non-irritating, and excellent at regulating temperature. What’s even better is that it’s hypoallergenic, suitable for individuals with sensitive skin, and has already been washed with natural detergents.

100% Merino




Slovenian made

Suitable for individuals with sensitive skin 

Merino wool knitwear is also suitable for individuals with sensitive skin and dermatitis issues. This is because the exceptionally fine fibres bend when in contact with the skin, thus preventing any itching or irritation. A study published in the Dermatitis journal has shown that individuals who wore Merino wool clothing reported an improved quality of life compared to those wearing garments made from other fabrics. 

Excellent Temperature Regulation 

Merino sheep’s wool is highly crimped, with long fibres that can absorb and wick away moisture efficiently, holding up to 30% of its weight in water. Due to these properties, it provides excellent thermal insulation, making it especially suitable for babies who cannot regulate their body temperature. Therefore, these knitwear pieces are ideal for autumn and spring, as well as for cold winters and warmer summer evenings. 

Little to No Washing Required 

Effective moisture-wicking and the presence of lanolin, a natural oil produced by sheep to protect their wool from extreme weather conditions, prevent the growth of bacteria causing unpleasant odours. As a result, frequent washing is often unnecessary. We recommend hanging the blanket outside in fresh air for proper ventilation. 

Before leaving our knitting facility in Dvorje na Gorenjskem, our products are carefully washed with natural and mild cleaning agents. This means they are ready for immediate use, and after the first wash will not alter their shape. 

We exclusively use Merino wool that originates from farms committed to the Mulesing-free principle. Breeders pledge not to engage in unethical practices during sheep breeding.

Sheep produce a new fleece every year, making wool a fully renewable material. 

  • Wool fibre naturally decomposes, releasing valuable nutrients back into the soil. 

Merino wool is sustainable and 100% renewable. 

We ship all orders within 7 working days at the latest. If you need a faster delivery, please contact us at info@jakopina.si, and we will arrange expedited shipping. For international shipping rates, click HERE. 

Due to the natural properties of Merino wool, frequent washing is often unnecessary. We recommend airing the blanket. If you wish to wash it, please follow the recommendations below. We advise using gentle, natural detergents at the recommended temperature with a low spin cycle. Dry exclusively in the open air without a dryer. 


  • HAND WASHING: Woolen products will not shrink when hand-washed in lukewarm water (30˚C) with a quality wool detergent and without soaking. Do not wring the item; allow it to dry on a flat surface. 
  • MACHINE WASHING: If you have a suitable washing machine, you can wash woollen products with a wool program (30˚C) and a low spin cycle. 

If you are unsure about the above instructions for hand and machine washing, we recommend entrusting cleaning to professionals in dry cleaning facilities. Machine washing is done at your own risk, as we cannot guarantee individual program settings. 

**Due to the use of natural materials, minor colour variations may occur in the final product, which is most noticeable in dark shades. 


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