About us


Welcome to the Jakopina knitting studio!

Our studio is a place where a 100-year-old tradition, innovation, and dedication to create only the highest quality knitwear intertwine. 

Jakopina was founded all the way back in 1926, and it has been our mission ever since to combine history with modern styles and create unique, comfortable, and high-quality knitwear.  

Each thread woven into our products tells the story of our long-standing commitment. With almost a century worth of experience and tradition, we pride ourselves on our reliability, originality, ingenuity, and flexibility. Our every product carries a wealth of experience gained though decades of work, assuring great durability and longevity of our knitwear. 

We are sisters Mateja and Darja, the 4th generation of knitters proudly carrying on the story of Jakopina. All our products are made exclusively in our knitting studio in Dvorje na Gorenjskem. 

At the Jakopina knitting studio, we create stories and nurture connections and trust. Our values are embodied in every thread we weave and every stitch we make, creating not only products made of yarn and thread, but also strong bonds and lasting memories. As a team, we are driven by our commitment to deliver quality products for happy, tender moments.   

 Step into our world and feel the premium quality that does not fade! 

Our values

Unique quality

Each product follows high manufacturing quality guidelines, and we choose only the best materials for our products.

Attention to detail

Because we want each customer to receive a product that is suitable for immediate use, we wash each order with gentle natural products. Perfect as a gift, even for the little ones.

Exceptional design

Tradition and knowledge, hand in hand, with the most beautiful patterns of knitwear that we develop ourselves. From timeless classics to the latest trends.